Sunday, August 16, 2009

Here are some videos from what I missed

STAGE 1 - Shooting on the Move

This stage had a pure emphasis regarding shooting on the move.

Shooter begins at table. At buzzer, shooter must engage all paper on the way to the first barrel, then while maintaining forward movement, strike the rifle steel 3 times on the way to the tire. At the tire, shooter drops rifle to retention, draws their sidearm and clears the poppers.

There is no cover and the shooter can not stop. They must move or receive a cover penalty.

Stage 2 - North Hollywood

Stage 2 was loosely based on the North Hollywood bank heist shootout. Shooter begins behind car and must hit FBI-Q steel target (about 45 yards away) 6 times with their side arm. Shooter then goes to table, and re-engages steel for another 6 hits with their pistol. Shooter will then open the box, reload their empty rifle magazine from loose ammunition in the box, and ready their rifle. With rifle, engage Q target twice. Move back to car and engage 50 yard "lollypop" steel targets 1 shot each.

Stage 3 - Vtac Firefight!

This stage was definitely a technical challenge. The shooter starts behind a short wall about 130 yards from two steel targets. Each steel must be hit one time each.

Shooter then moves to V-tac barricade about 110 yards from the targets.
Shooter must engage both targets 1 time each from each position, transitioning shoulders on each side of the barricade to maintain cover. IE: Fire from left shoulder on left side, right shoulder on right side.

These positions also included some very challenging low prone/roll over prone holes at the bottom requiring shots angled uphill!

Here's a first time ACTS shooter masterfully handing a 30-30 levergun on our V-tac Firefight stage.

These matches afford the opportunity to use all sorts of types of rifles and gear, and this is great evidence of that!

Great job!

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